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Landing Your Dream Career 
As A Graduate

Are you a recent graduate, eager to land your dream job? Don't miss our upcoming live podcast designed to guide you towards the path of professional success.

  • Gain clarity on your true passions and interests

  • Make informed career decisions that align with your strengths

  • Learn valuable skills to set yourself apart from the competition

  • Navigate assessment centres with confidence

  • Build a powerful professional network for future opportunities


Experience Success

& Get Hired

Join The Platform.
Echios EDU.

Filling out application forms can be tedious, time-consuming and mind-numbing. Echios EDU provides resources and support to make the process more efficient and effective to help graduates land their dream job at top firms.


Learn Skills That Are

Needed For Success.

Echios EDU helps graduates handle rejection and stay motivated throughout the job application process by providing support and guidance. This helps maintain positive attitude and increases chances of success.


Get Showcased.

Get Connected.

Lack of interview experience and confidence can be a pain point for job seekers. Echios EDU helps by providing resources and training on how to prepare and conduct interviews, which can improve performance and confidence.


Stand Out.

Get Hired.

Echios EDU offers industry-specific resources and training that helps job seekers with no specific industry experience to gain training and insight required to succeed in that field, enabling them to effectively present themselves.


Image by Jr Korpa


Unlock the doors to your dream career with Echios EDU! Join now and receive two of the four weeks of training for free. Echios EDU is the world's first platform that connects you directly with top firms in consulting, finance, and technology.


With a comprehensive program tailored to your needs, industry-expert instructors, and exclusive access to top employers, Echios EDU is the premier choice for launching your career in competitive fields. Don't wait, start your journey today and secure your future success.

2 Weeks Training for Free


Why Join This Podcast?

Are you a recent graduate, eager to land your dream job? Don't miss our upcoming podcast designed to guide you towards the path of professional success. At this critical juncture in your life, the choices you make will shape your future. Discover how our exclusive podcast can help you unlock the career of your dreams!

Rough Surface

Join the Platform.
Why Echios EDU?

Echios EDU is a young and dynamic platform that is already working with some of the most reputable firms in the industry. Our team has a deep understanding of the industry and the expectations and qualifications required to succeed in it. By joining Echios EDU, you will have access to our insider information and training that is tailored to the specific needs and expectations of these firms, giving you a competitive edge in the job market. Our team is already inside of the biggest firms, training their graduates, providing us with a unique perspective and understanding of what these firms are looking for in candidates.

Rough Surface

Event Details


Thursday, June 29th 2023



40 minutes


10am ET (3pm UK)


Online (link will be provided upon registration)

Hosts With Experience 
of the Industry

Hannah Merriman


Hannah is a highly sought-after trainer with over 10 years of experience, known for her unique, dynamic and enthusiastic approach. Passionate about sharing knowledge and breaking it down into relatable and accessible content. She has a degree in Mathematics, Statistics & Psychology and has worked with clients such as Nomura and Fidelity. She is excited to join the Echios training team to share her knowledge and passion for teaching.

Latia Garcia


Latia Garcia is the Regional Talent Partner for Technology and Operations at Nomura. With a strong background in sales leadership, Latia has developed a keen understanding of how to build and maintain successful teams that meet and exceed organizational goals.Latia is also an accomplished academic, having earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. This combination of practical experience and academic expertise makes Latia uniquely qualified to oversee the Technology Early Careers Program at Nomura, ensuring that the next generation of tech professionals are well-prepared to succeed in the industry.

Secure Your Dream Career

In Finance & Technology


The platform that breaks you into top tier firms. Our program helps graduates land their dream job at top consulting, finance, and technology firms with skills, knowledge, and connections to stand out from the competition at some of the most prestigious companies in the finance, tech and consulting industries.

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